DTF adhesives and where to use them

What is DTF adhesive powder?
DTFPRO's hot melt adhesives are designed for printing on DTF (direct to film) which is a new technology for heat transfer. You can use a DTF printer to freely print the designed image on the coated DTF PET film or DTF Paper, then cover it by adhesive powder, and then transfer it to various fabric by heat transfer machine or electric iron.


PARTICLE SIZE 0-80 μm 8-170 μm 100-200 μm
ADHESION 5-8 N/cm2 28-15 N/cm2 10-15 N/cm2
MELTING TEMPERATURE 110-115°C 110-115°C 110-115°C
MELTING TIME 10-15 s 10-15 s 10-15 s
DEFORMATION PRESSURE 2-3 kg/cm2 2-3 kg/cm2 2-3 kg/cm2
STORAGE Sealed, cool & dry Sealed, cool & dry Sealed, cool & dry
SHELF LIFE 1 year 1 year 1 year
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