Say ”ABSOLUTELY I DO” to Epson printhead!

The world of DTF printing has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to technological advances that are pushing the boundaries of print quality and efficiency. At the heart of this transformation lies the printhead – a critical component that can make or break the output of a DTF printer. Among the various options available, Epson printheads have emerged as the go-to choice for discerning DTF printer manufacturers. Why Epson printheads are the preferred choice for achieving high-quality DTF prints?

Micro-Piezo Printheads: Epson's micro-piezo printheads are synonymous with precision. Their ability to achieve unparalleled positioning accuracy is a testament to their engineering excellence. At the core of this precision lies the Variable Size Dot Technology (VSDT), a cutting-edge innovation that enables these printheads to eject up to an Astonishing 50,000 ink drops per second. By controlling the curvature of the liquid surface at the nozzle's tip, the piezoelectric element regulates this process with remarkable control, resulting in near-perfectly spherical ink drops that land with impeccable placement accuracy.

Flexible control: VSDT takes precision a step further by offering flexible droplet control. This technology allows for precise manipulation of the volume of each ink droplet through careful control of the voltage waveform that drives the piezo element. The result is astonishing: droplets as minuscule as 1.5 picoliters can be deposited with exacting precision, enabling the reproduction of intricate details and smooth gradients.

Durability: One of the standout features of micro-piezo printheads is their exceptional durability. Unlike traditional printheads that can degrade due to heat exposure, micro-piezo technology remains resilient. Even in the presence of inks whose properties change under heat, these printheads perform consistently, making them compatible with a wide array of inks, including both dye and pigment variants. This durability ensures a prolonged lifespan and consistent performance.

Performance and Stability: Epson printheads offer an impressive combination of performance and stability that align perfectly with the demands of modern DTF printing. High resolution, durability, and rapid printing are pivotal requirements for achieving top-quality DTF prints efficiently. Epson printheads meet and exceed these expectations.

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