Printhead maintenance: Take care of your precious!

Ever faced printhead clogging issues? Here's why it happens:

Ink Drying: Extended printer inactivity or open ink cartridges expose your DTF printhead to ink drying, causing blockages.

Impurities: Low-quality or expired ink might carry impurities, clogging nozzles. Store ink properly to avoid inkjet traffic jams.

Maintenance: Regular printer maintenance is key. Built-up ink leads to blockages, impacting print quality and risking printer damage.

Wear & Tear: Over time, printheads can wear out or be damaged due to misuse, causing uneven ink flow and print issues.


Now, let's check a few tips how to keep your DTF printer purring like a kitten:

High-Quality Ink: Use high-quality inks (like DTFPRO inks) to avoid impurities and keep your printhead jam-free.

Regular Cleaning: Clean your printer inside out, especially the printhead, to prevent debris-induced clogs.

Use It or Lose It: Regularly use your printer to prevent ink from turning into a stubborn, clog-inducing paste.

Maintenance Cycles: Follow the manufacturer's maintenance instructions to keep your printer in top-notch condition.

Storage: Store ink cartridges in a cool, dry spot to prevent ink evaporation or drying.

Handle with Care: Treat your printer kindly. Rough handling or incorrect installation can lead to printhead damage and pesky clogs.

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