DTF Paper - The Future of Sustainable Printing!

DTF Paper is a revolutionary product designed to meet all your printing needs while keeping our planet green. Unlike traditional methods, DTF Paper features an environmentally friendly, recyclable paper base that replaces the typical PET base with no plastic coating. This breakthrough makes DTF printing not only more efficient but also exceptionally eco-conscious!


Plastic-Free Coated Paper Base: Embrace sustainability with every print! DTF Paper is thoughtfully crafted with a recyclable, plastic-free paper base, ensuring a guilt-free printing experience. Leave a positive impact on the environment without compromising on quality!

High Ink Loading Capacity & Transfer Rate: Witness your designs come alive with vivid and vibrant colors on both dark and light fabrics. DTF Paper boasts exceptional ink absorption and transfer rates, guaranteeing stunning, eye-catching results!

Hot Peel & Easy to Use: Say goodbye to complex processes! DTF Paper offers hot peel technology, making printing hassle-free and saving valuable time and costs. No need to worry about distinguishing between dark and light colors or dealing with waste discharge anymore!

Soft Hand Feel: Experience the utmost comfort with softer, more breathable graphics on your garments. DTF Paper revolutionizes the way you feel in your clothes, providing a delightful wearing experience!

Anti-Static Printing: Tired of static electricity interfering with your printing process? DTF Paper effectively combats static electricity during printing, ensuring a seamless and smooth printing experience.

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