Dreaming of your first printer?

Choosing the right DTF printer is the first step towards starting a successful printing business. Dream big, but invest wisely: here are a few tips to consider before making your purchase decision!


Printer size and production capacity
Match the printer to your needs. Are you setting up a small home business or planning large-scale production? Consider your space and the volume of orders you aim to fulfill.

Bulk tank inks or cartridges?
DTF inks are a must for durability and vibrancy. Research ink types and ongoing costs. Bulk ink systems are generally more economical in the long run.  Remember, high-quality inks mean stunning, long-lasting prints.

Roll-to-roll or sheets?
If you do individual printing at home, a sheet-fed printer may be sufficient. For larger productions, a roll-to-roll printer is certainly a more cost-effective purchase in the long run. 

Maintenance and Support
Ease of maintenance can save you time and money. Look for printers with support networks, warranty terms, and accessible customer service.

Think long-term. As your business grows, your printer should keep pace. Consider printers that offer upgrades or are versatile enough to meet expanding business needs.


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