Welcome to the digital world: DTF vs screen printing

For businesses seeking a cost-effective and efficient solution, and individuals and brands aiming for high-quality, photorealistic prints, DTF emerges as the superior choice in the ever-evolving landscape of printing methods, compared to the mostly used screen printing. Let's check what are the core factors of choosing digital printing over the screen printing.


Setup and Running Costs:

Traditional screen printing incurs higher upfront costs, while DTF transfers have lower setup costs, making them more affordable for small batch productions.


Design Complexity and Colors:

DTF shines in handling intricate, multicolored designs, printing all colors simultaneously. Screen printing is for simpler designs with fewer colors due to the need for separate screens.



DTF is highly versatile, printing on various materials, even dark and textured fabrics. Screen printing is effective on light, smooth surfaces but may struggle with darker materials.


Turnaround Time:

DTF offers a faster turnaround, especially for small to medium-sized orders or designs with many colors. Screen printing requires more time for creating screens and drying between each color layer.

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