How to print like a DTFPRO?

We updated our webstore! To celebrate, we'd like to share a few tips how to rock DTF printing: dive into our little guide for tips, tricks and a dash of magic!

Printer maintenance tips:
Keep the DTF magic flowing with regular printhead cleaning, parts inspections and firmware updates. Your printer will thank you with consistent, high-quality prints!

Perfecting films and inks:
Store DTF films and inks like treasures, choose quality films and monitor ink levels for a flawless printing experience. It's like having a secret recipe for vibrant prints!

Color management for the win:
Calibrate your printer, use ICC profiles and make test prints to master the art of color. Your prints will come alive and your customers will be amazed!

Efficient workflow organisation:
Create a zen workspace, prep your files and manage your time like a pro. An organised workflow is the secret sauce to boosting productivity and minimising printing hiccups!

Ready to wow your clients with exceptional DTF prints? Immerse yourself in the magic with us: visit our website and ensure your printing materials are (DTF)PRO-quality!
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