What else you can print on with DTF?

Ever wondered what else you can print on with DTF? While initially designed for fabric, DTF has proven its versatility and can be used on hard surfaces too! Let's check only a few examples how to use DTF printing in non-traditional ways:

Promotional Items: Elevate your brand with personalized items, such as mousepads, keychains and umbrellas using the capabilities of DTF printing.
Covers and Cases: Transform everyday items like journal covers, diary covers, and leather cases into unique, eye-catching creations through the versatility of DTF technology.
Wood: Explore the natural texture of wood by using DTF designs on signs, plaques, coasters, picture frames, and even skateboards.
Certain Plastics: Make a statement with personalized phone cases, notebooks, and stationery. But do not forget to test the heat resistance of the material first!
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