DTF-printing VS. sublimation

Whether you're a business owner exploring printing options or a creative professional seeking the right technique for your project, this comparison provides a quick overview, guiding you through the key considerations in the sublimation vs. DTF debate.

Sublimation printing is a process where ink transforms into gas under heat and pressure, bonding with polyester fabrics and polymer-coated surfaces.The ink becomes part of the fabric, leaving it soft and breathable. Sublimation enables colorful all-over prints with excellent color reproduction and durability. However, sublimation inks cannot print white so the only opportunity is to use white or light coloured fabric. This is where the game-changing DTF walks in.

DTF works on various fabrics, including cotton and blends. Because of white ink, DTF allows for printing also on dark or colored fabrics, providing more possibilities, like half-tone designs. DTF prints are durable, vibrant, and have a soft feel.

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